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Takeoff offers micro fullfillment solutions to grocery partners. A micro fullfillment center (MFC) operates like an industrial vending machine to provide grocery stores with pickup and delivery solutions that don't interfere with instore shopping experiences.

For this project, I worked to integrate Takeoff's pickup and delivery system into Sedanos Groceries' ecommerce website. Our team consisted of two designers and I worked as the lead UX designer. Some of the design challenges we faced were inventory changes based on location, time and date restrictions, delivery range limitations, order changes beore checkout, and so forth. In addition, we had to compromise between an immediate entry for users into their shopping experience while taking into account that we could not show accurate inventory without knowing which store they were shopping from.

To integrate Takeoff's pickup and delivery into Sedanos, both onboarding and checkout needed a revamp. In order to show users the correct inventory, we needed to know the correct store they were shopping from. We could obtain that information easily if we knew whether they wanted pickup or delivery, but this approach prevented users from immediately going straight to shopping. In order to accomodate this, we compromised by autoselecting a store from their history or location whenever possible.

By the time a user hits checkout, ideally they will have selected delivery or pickup during the onboarding process. However, the user could then change their preferences during checkout, with the danger that it would update inventory and potentially out-of-stock many of their cart items. In addition, pickup times could expire or delivery address updates could be invalid. We had to take into account all these situations and more.