KMW School of painting


KMW School of Painting




Figma, Illustrator, Squarespace


After the passing of Katherine Martin Widmer, I was asked to design and create a website for her school of painting. The newly named KMW School of Painting had a legacy of old paperwork, brochures, fliers, and postcards from Katherine's lifetime. I used these documents in order to update and vectorize the logo and create an ecommerce enabled website that would honor Katherine's spirit and comittment of teaching painting.

When I worked on this project, I wanted to affordability and accessibility of classes while preserving and honoring the school's long history.

I worked from an original printed logo for the design update. Part of this process was a renaming and vectorization of the logo along with the new name. I went through multiple iterations before arriving at the final version. For the website, I took photos at the school itself as well as pulled colors from original materials to maintain the school's funky heritage. I added a few custom Squarespace features such as donation collection, galleries, and signups.