Clara Health


Head of Design


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator


When I became Head of Design at Clara, the homepage redesign was something we talked about from the very beginning. A homepage is the first view that someone will see when they visit, so from my perspective, this was one of the most important projects I worked on. The biggest motivator behind the design was to collect as much information as possible from patients to inform future design and product decisions, as well as guide patients to our search and knowledge bases.

When I designed the Clara homepage, the most critical feature to design and highlight was search; this was Clara’s primary business goal. I placed search first and foremost because it was our number one call to action: Clara’s search would help you find a trial and support you along the way. After search, I featured a section to show people that clinical trials are approachable as a treatment option and that Clara would be there with them every step of the way.

The second most important call to action I placed throughout the design: how to contact Clara. If users could not find a clinical trial on their own through our search, then their second best option was to contact us directly so that we could enroll them directly; this option was much more cost-effective than primary clinical trial recruitment strategies. I featured the bottom contact information very prominently to emphasize that Clara was there to find your clinical trial. When a person contacted Clara, we answered questions to connect them to clinical trials, and it would also facilitate data collection to inform our design and product decisions. Knowing exactly where they got stuck or overwhelmed was extremely important for iterating our app.

Clara is a community focused organization where patients and caregivers are always first, they serve in key roles on the patient advisory board and make up much of the Ambassador program. We featured our patient-focused community prominently on the For Patients page.